Long time, no post. I’m so sorry that I haven’t been blogging but so much has happened and it’s going to get even busier from here on! (However when procrastination and stress kicks in start expecting something fro yours truly).

So why ichigo pantsu? Strawberry underwear? I’m not talking about the manga and anime Ichigo 100% either. Let me explain.

In the circle/club I’m currently part of, we’re making a mikoshi or a traditional Japanese palanquin for the upcoming university festival (exciting!!). We had some visual references on my friend’s iPad mini but of course the screen turns off and we don’t know what the passcode is. We ask him.

‘Ichigo pantsu’ he says.

See where I’m going yet?



Thanks to kun-yomi, on-yomi and English pronunciation there are several ways to say numbers in Japanese and they can be put together to make words e.g. yoroshiku = 4649

My other Japanese friend proceeds to call him a pervert whilst I cracked up. Hey, I thought it was pretty smart.

Until then!