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Always terrible on the blogging side, aren’t I? My apologies! It’s time for more procrastination as I attempt to study for the JLPT…..which is tomorrow. Whoops. I’ve barely studied and have kind of succumbed to just winging it. At least I know it’s multiple choice!!

Natasha and I “recently” came back from our trip to, wait for it….the Disney Resort in Chiba! More to come about that later, however today I’d like to blog about one of the many themed restaurants you can find in Tokyo.

Previously Tash went to Alcatraz E.R. – a prison hospital themed restaurant and she had a blast! So it was fitting to go to another themed restaurant and she suggested an Alice in Wonderland themed one!

After some searching on the internet, we found out that there was 5 different Alice themed restaurants scattered around Tokyo (and one in Osaka). All from the same fantasy dining chain; all the Alice themed ones have a different name and they’re all based on a different aspect of Alice in Wonderland. We ended up at 絵本の国のアリス – Ehon no Kuni no Alice (‘Alice in Fantasy Book’ according to the website).

Some basic things to know about Ehon no Kuni no Alice:

  • There’s a minimum 1 drink and 1 food item order for each person
  • You get a 2 hour time limit
  • There is also a service charge. I’m not sure if this applies to lunch hours
  • I highly suggest making a reservation because it gets pretty crowded during dinner hours

We were kinda late for our booking but it all turned out okay in the end. After finding the building and going 2 floors underground we were greeted with a girl in Alice in Wonderland uniform who offered to take our coats. We were then lead to a giant page/hidden door. With a few knocks we were then lead into the fantasy land within.

‘Welcome to the magical land!’

The inside was just so luxurious and chic and just fancy in general. I wish I was able to take more photos but it was just impossible due to the sheer amount of human traffic.

ImageImageImageThere was a good mixture of couple and group booths and lots of chairs and tables. We were seated near the grand chandelier, awesome!
Another waitress came along with a picture book which was actually the menu and explained a few things about the place to us and let us choose our food for the night. The menu had the names of the items in English as well as Japanese but don’t expect full details of the food! Sometimes surprises are fun too.

ImageImageImageImageI had a non alcoholic cocktail with Gemini in the name that came with 2 drinks! One was sweet whilst the other was tangy, and I was told by one of the girls that mixing the two would give me interesting results. 3 drinks for the price of 1? What a catch!

I’d say at least half of the menu was Alice themed so Tash and I tried to choose our food carefully so as we’d definitely receive something themed. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves! Appetisers, mains and of course the dessert. It was all just so wonderful.


They told me that there was Alice hidden in my chips!

ImageImageImageImageIt was a lovely evening indeed. It probably would be a lot better to work here than at a maid cafe I think. Mainly because at this restaurant there’s a higher percentage of female patrons who bring along their not so enthusiastic partners and there weren’t any lone males who would have clearly been there for the waitresses. By the way, here are the uniforms from the company that makes them. They’re so cute.

Overall I suggest giving this place a go! A truly magical trip to Wonderland.